A New Perspective

Well, I’ve been rather MIA lately, but for good reason. There have been quite a few changes happening around here lately…first with the birth of our baby girl in late December, then we had a couple of visitors at the beginning of the year to meet and help said baby, and also a wedding in the family in mid-March in which we took a road trip to Chicago for. However, perhaps our biggest adventure (since the baby of course), has been becoming “home” owners.

We recently purchased and moved into our first property ever, and we are loving it. Anyone who visited us in the past knows that our previous rental was a tight squeeze to say the least, so it has been so refreshing to be able to stretch out a bit so to speak. This place felt like home since the first time we looked at it and we’ve been settling in nicely ever since.

With all these changes happening, it’s definitely caused me to have a new perspective on things lately in many regards, just one being the endless possibilities that lie ahead. We set the intentions for these blessings and we are fortunate enough to see them manifest over time. For that I am eternally grateful and it gives me a renewed sense of faith that if you can visualize your hopes and dreams and work hard, you can make them happen.

Perhaps a baby and home seem like simple stages of life that are bound to happen eventually and that many have accomplished already, but that does not take away their greatness for us. Especially owning a property in Toronto…nowadays that is no small feat with the current market!

While a new mental perspective has happened, a new physical perspective has happened as well. Here is our new view of the city as seen early on a Saturday morning.

Proudly representing the west side! :p



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