Long Exposure at Night

A while back, my husband and I decided to go out and take some long exposure night shots. This is something my husband particularly enjoys and is very good at. For me while I also enjoy it, it’s not really in my “niche” of photography. However, it’s always good to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while, and the bonus of shooting with someone who has a different style than you is that you get to try new things out and stretch yourself and you creativity.

Unfortunately for us, this new enjoyment of night photography happened during the winter months when it seems to be unbearably cold out! This was one of those nights. We only took a few shots each, but it was still fun regardless. I am anxious for the spring/summer temps to start showing up so we can actually enjoy our time out at night and take our time. Until then, here a couple shots from our last adventure:

(Taken with Nikon D750, 50mm f/1.8 lens)

ISO 200 f/22 30sec


ISO100 f/22 30sec


*On a side note, in the second image you can see a band at the top of the image where the flare from the light is cut off. When first researching the camera before shooting with it, I heard this is a problem with many if not all the D750s. Just something to consider if you’re looking to buy one. It doesn’t happen overtime, but occasionally it’s a problem. Nikon will fix it for free if you’re willing and able to go without it for most likely several weeks.


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