Film…My Heart, My First Love

A couple of months ago I took my Minolta SRT201 in to have the light meter fixed. I just received it back a couple of weeks ago and after some test rolls the results are in; stunning.

There is something so beautiful and nostalgic about film that no amount of technology is able to match. When I shoot it and see the results something hits in me in my soul. In fact, that’s a great adjective for film; soulful. I love the grain of the image, yet sharpness of the subject, the depth my 50mm 1.7 lens provides and the way it forces you to slow down and take a few extra seconds to set your frame up to get the shot you really want.

Film is timeless. It’s poetic. It’s rich. It’s what I learned on, and it’s what I’ll continue to use and cherish.

I have another roll of black and white coming in soon, but for now here are some samples from my first two colour rolls.

For reference I used Fuji ISO 400 film since these were just test rolls for the time being. Normally I lean towards Ilford and Kodak and will be using those the majority of the time moving forward.











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