A Snowy Walk Through Toronto

It was another snowy weekend here in Toronto. On the plus side the weather was only slightly below freezing as opposed to way below, the flakes were big and soft, and the snow was the kind that stuck to everything it touched.

I met a friend for lunch on Saturday and decided to take my camera along. I started documenting my walk to the TTC (Subway) and continued documenting it after lunch when my husband met up with me and we walked to the camera store; an activity that is quickly becoming our weekly regiment. We kept snapping away on our way back home and it turned into quite a lovely afternoon. A photographer’s paradise in some ways.

It was also refreshing to get out and get some much needed exercise. As a girl who is admittedly not a big fan of winter beyond December/January, I tend to find myself staying inside to keep warm and cozy much more than I probably should be. What can I say though? I’m a child of the sun and lover of heat. I would take being hot in the summer ANYDAY over feeling cold in the winter. Thank goodness for my parka!

All that aside, here are some of the photos I enjoyed the most from our little adventure. All photos were taken with my NikonD750 and Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens. I hope you enjoy!

On the Way to the TTC/Subway:


Looking Up:



CBC Building:


The Path – An Indoor, Underground Walkway In Toronto. A Lifesaver in the Winter:


The Courtyard by Roy Thompson Hall:


Sorel Boots – A Must For a Toronto Winter:




Loved These Red Doors:



Back Home – The View Outside of Our Condo:





Until Next Time!


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