5 Advantages to Winter

Winter is a tough season for me. I enjoy it for a while, but after Christmas I’m pretty much over it. I’m definitely a warm climate person no questions, but unfortunately warm weather here is still quite a ways away. So in an attempt to put a positive spin on this harsh season here are my 5 advantages to winter (in no particular order with exception to #1):

5. The opportunity to try and capture the beautiful perfection of tiny snowflakes through macro images.

Macro Snowflake

4. Snowboarding (or some sort of attempt vaguely resembling snowboarding). It’s a hobby my husband enjoys very much and I’ve started learning. It’s a great way for us to spend time together, take small weekend trips, exercise and not feel cold as I’m quickly sweating in no time.


3. That first peaceful snowfall with big, beautiful flakes covering the city and the silence that falls upon it. I love it when you can hear the flakes falling and everything looks brighter.

City Snowfall

2. The excitement I feel when you see the sun come out. Winter tends to be rather grey and cloudy for long periods of time, so when I see a trace of the sun it can bring so much joy and rejuvenation. I am also very much in love with photographing sunsets, so it’s a treat to be able to capture them again.

Winter Sunset

1. My number one favourite thing about winter, especially using nature as my subject the majority of the time, the plants and flower are never fully gone. Whenever I trek out in search of something colourful to photograph in winter’s neutral landscape, I am always pleasantly surprised by what I find. There’s always a little bud somewhere to make you feel hopeful that spring is not too far away.

Pink Bud

What are you favourite things about winter?


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